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Everything You Need for Only $29.99

Most stores charge $70-$150 to get started with your instrument and supplies, but at Ernie Williamson Music, we make getting started in band & orchestra easy! For less than $30 down, you get your instrument, book, maintenance kit, and music stand!

Rent-to-Own and Save

Low monthly payments, easy exchanges and upgrades, and save 30% on your remaining balance when you pay your instrument off early!

We Grow with You

When your child is ready to upgrade their instrument, just come into the store and see your options. Our rental plans are designed to grow at the same pace as your child's skill level.

Honest & Simple Pricing

Our 100% rent-to-own plans have no minimum commitment and no hidden fees. You know exactly what you're buying and can cancel at any time.

Give Back to your School

We think it's important to give back. Our Give Me Five program gives money back to your child's school for every instrument rented. And it adds up quickly. Since we've started this program, we've donated over $250,000 to area schools!

Get Them Started Right

Get your child started right with private lessons for just $99!

Director Approved

All our instruments are approved by your school's band or orchestra director -- guaranteed. Don't risk making a bad purchase from the same place you order toilet paper and electronic doodads - stick with the folks the experts trust - Ernie Williamson Music!

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7 Best Tips for New Band & Orchestra Parents!

1. You’ll need to first decide if you want to rent or purchase an instrument

I generally recommend that parents rent an instrument in the beginning - it gives you more flexibility if you find out that your child would be better suited for a different instrument, if you decide to get a better instrument, or if your student finds that playing in the school music program just isn’t for them (perish the thought!) You will want to make sure when renting that it's Rent to Own, and that all payments apply towards the instrument you are renting.

2. Make sure you can return the instrument at any time and cancel the rental agreement

Not every music store offers this, and it’s very frustrating to be making payments on an instrument that is not being used.

3. Don't fall for one of those low introductory offers, only to find that they have jacked up the price later, or that the contract is chock-full of gotchas

Look for a company that has straightforward, honest pricing. Places that offer trial periods, introductory offers, or other gimmicks often have worked out a rental plan that is designed to make you pay more unless you play their game perfectly. Don’t support that type of business practice with your money.

4. Rent or purchase only a band director approved instrument and that it still looks nice

Having a nice looking, quality instrument stirs the desire to play in your child. Having a ugly, old, or outdated instrument is uninspiring, often difficult to play, and frankly - can be embarrassing for your child. Most directors don’t recommend parents purchase musical instruments from the big online everything store sites. While a convenient way to buy electronics and toilet paper, our experience is that the reviews can’t always be trusted, and you often end up with an instrument that does not play properly and can not be repaired.

5. You’ll want to find out if all of your payments will apply to an upgraded instrument

Nearly every parent I’ve met is concerned about whether their student will stick with it. Renting an affordable beginning instrument is a great way to test the waters. Once you feel confident that your kid is hooked, then you can make the investment in a better instrument. Also, check to see if they will also rent the upgraded instrument - this can make that future purchase more affordable.

6. Do get the maintenance plan, and make sure it covers replacement

I’m generally not a fan of any of those extended warranty products, but the maintenance plans offered by the music store is a good deal. Generally they will cover repair (and possible replacement) of your instrument for less than what it costs to get it serviced on an annual basis. Just make sure it covers theft and destruction from anywhere, not just your home. Some companies don't cover theft from the school - which is where most instruments are stolen.

7. Make sure the company has a generous early pay discount that never expires

This gives you the best of both worlds - the ability to rent with a return option in the beginning, and then purchase and save money when you are sure your child will stick with it. This is a great way to save 20-30% of the cost of the instrument, but many companies only offer this within a certain amount of time of the initial rental (like the first 90 days). Find a music company that will give you the discount on your remaining balance throughout the life of the contract.

So those are my 7 best tips for new band & orchestra parents! Since you read this far, I’ll give you two more bonus tips!

8. Find a company with a quick rental process

A good store will make the rental process fast - it should take less than 10 minutes to get your instrument and supplies (depending on how busy they are, of course). Most stores will take 30 minutes or more just to walk you through their overly-complicated rental contract. Also, see if you can fill out all of the paperwork online and then swing by the store to pick it up. This is a big time saver!

9. A word about borrowing an instrument

borrowing an instrument, either from the school or from a friend, seems like a good way to save some money. While it might do that, there are some real problems with this approach. First, the instrument may not be adequate to learn on. It likely hasn’t had regular maintenance and repair like a quality rental instrument and can make it harder to play. Furthermore, since your child is a beginner, they won’t know that it’s the instrument causing them to struggle, and a fulfilling life in music is cut short. More importantly, there is a direct correlation when making a financial commitment to music and the success of the music student. We value the things that we work for, and by making a financial investment in a quality instrument, we are making an investment in our child’s future.

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We are in the always adding selections personalized for your district and school!
If you don't see your school listed, email us at [email protected]

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