We Make Renting Easy

Everything You Need for Only $29.99
Most stores charge $70-$150 to get started with your instrument and supplies, but at Ernie Williamson Music, we make getting started in band & orchestra easy! For less than $30 down, you get your instrument, book, maintenance kit, and music stand!

Rent-to-Own and Save
Low monthly payments, easy exchanges and upgrades, and save 30% when you pay your instrument off early!

We Grow with You
When your child is ready to upgrade their instrument, just come into the store and see your options.  Our rental plans are designed to grow at the same pace as your child's skill level.


No Commitment
Our 100% rent-to-own plans have no minimum commitment and no hidden fees.  You know exactly what you're buying and can cancel at any time.

Get Them Started Right
Get your child started right with private lessons for just $99!

Director Approved
All our instruments are approved by your school's band or orchestra director -- guaranteed.

Give Back to your School
We think it's important to give back.  Our Give Me Five program gives money back to your child's school for every instrument rented.  And it adds up quickly.  Since we've started this program, we've donated over $200,000 to area schools!

Is your child thinking of joining band or orchestra?

We are in the always adding selections personalized for your district and school! If you don't see your school listed, email us at [email protected]
To begin:
1. Select your District from the "Select District" menu.
2. Select your school (if applicable) from the "Select School" menu. 
3. Select your child's instrument from the "Select Instrument" menu.


All of our previously played instruments have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized beyond the levels required by NAFME, NAMM, and the CDC. 

Premium: Our top-of-the-line series of beginner instruments. This level has a variety of different upgrades from a typical beginning instrument. Many are made in the United States, or have upgraded finishes or materials.

Select: Our most popular level. These instruments have the best build quality and aesthetics among top instrument manufacturers. 

Standard: Instruments that may show some wear and were formerly categorized as "Select".

Economy: Used instruments that may show signs of wear but that have been serviced by our technicians and are 100% ready to play.