Tips for a Successful Rental Night

Choosing Ernie Williamson as the exclusive band and orchestra vendor for your school comes with exciting benefits, including generous credits that can be used for supplies and services. A successful rental night not only ensures a smooth instrument acquisition process but can also serve as a fantastic fundraiser to kickstart the school year. Here are some top tips to make your rental night a success and foster a positive beginning for your budding musicians.

  1. Transform Rental Night into a Welcome Event:

    Turn the traditionally chaotic "rental night" into a more relaxed and enjoyable "welcome to beginning band/orchestra" event. With Ernie Williamson's user-friendly rental platform, parents can conveniently rent instruments from their phones, eliminating the need for long lines. Use this opportunity to meet parents, provide essential information, and create a positive atmosphere for both students and their families.

  2. Plan for a Future Delivery Date:

    Coordinate with your Ernie Williamson representative to establish a delivery date that aligns with your classroom needs. Schedule the rental displays approximately a week before the delivery date to allow ample processing time. Every Ernie Williamson rental automatically includes a method book, practice stand, and necessary accessories (at a significant discount!), ensuring that every student is well-equipped and ready to participate on the designated day.

  3. Practice a Rental Yourself:

    Familiarize yourself with the rental process by navigating your school's custom-tailored rental page. This personalized setup includes only the instruments and accessories you want in your classroom. Taking a few minutes to practice a rental will empower you to confidently answer parent questions and offer valuable feedback on the school's setup. This hands-on experience ensures a seamless rental process for everyone involved.

A successful rental night is not just about facilitating instrument rentals; it's an opportunity to create a positive and engaging experience for students and parents alike. Ernie Williamson's support goes beyond providing quality instruments – it extends to helping schools raise funds and easing the rental process. Whether you choose to host the event at your school or take advantage of our six convenient store locations, together, we can make the beginning of the musical journey a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.