Guitar Repair

This is a small list of the services we can perform on your favorite instrument.

  • Stage Ready Setups
  • Pickup Installation
  • Preamp Installation
  • Restring
  • Custom Electric Wiring
  • New Nut
  • Headstock Repair
  • Straplock Installation
  • New Saddle
  • Intonation Adjustment
  • Tuning Machine Installation
  • Body Routing
  • Body Crack Repair
  • Acoustic Pickguard Repair
  • Bridge Installation 

Our 7 Point Professional Stage & Studio Setup Includes:

  • Adjust Action (the distance from the strings to the fretboard): Great action allows for easier playing with no buzzes or extraneous noises.
  • Adjust Intonation: Properly adjusted intonation allows the guitar to be in tune with itself up and down the neck.
  • Check Electronics: For many guitars and basses, the internal wiring can contain less than ideal components, faulty switches, or worn jacks.
  • Pickup Height Adjustment: The proper pickup height allows for the most balanced tone between all settings, with just the right amount of output.
  • Complete Cleaning: We clean & polish the guitar, front to back and top to bottom.
  • Restringing: Using your choice of strings, all of the adjustments listed above are made.
  • Final Inspection: Most of all it has to play great!

Warranty Service Center

Did you know that we are an Authorized Warranty Service Center for Fender, Taylor, and Martin Guitars? This means we can service most warranty-issue repairs right here in our store. Give us a call for more information on our Warranty Service Center.